Our People

  1. ROV Supervisor   – 20 years offshore experience on a variety of systems and projects. Mechanical.
  2. ROV Supervisor  15 years Experience, Electrical trade background
  3. ROV Technician6 years offshore Experience, Military Electrical trade Training
  4. ROV Technician/Supervisor - 10 years offshore experience, Electronics tradesman
  5. ROV Tech 1Strong technical skills, avionics/electrical technician
  6. ROV Tech/Supervisor - 25 years offshore experience as supervisor and Senior Technician
  7. ROV Technician - 6 years offshore experience on various systems
  8. ROV supervisor15 Years offshore experience, Military trade training.
  9. ROV Tech/Supervisor  – 12 Years offshore ROV experience. Electronics engineer
  10. ROV Technician - Trade qualified tech with over 100 hours piloting experience
  11. ROV Supervisor – 25 years ROV experience on workclass ROV systems
  12. ROV Technician8 years ROV experience on workclass and observation class vehicles. Military Avionics trade.
  13. ROV Technician – 8 years ROV experience on various systems and projects. Hydraulic and mechanical trade background.

All of our personnel have in date OGUK medicals, MSIC, BOSIET and trade certificates along with years of offshore oil and gas experience.


To be a part of our team please contact recruitment@bassstraitsubsea.com.au